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Atlas of the World and Dictionary Combo

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A powerful combination of both the World Book Dictionary and the Atlas of the World.


Atlas of the World 


The World Book Atlas of the World, details the earth with dramatic maps, diagrams, and other visually stunning artwork. Newly redesigned, expanded, and updated, this comprehensive, engaging world atlas book features full-color physical and political atlas maps of the world to capture students’ attention. It is a collection of different continent, regional and ocean maps in an easy-to-reference and easy-to-understand format. Also each region and continent is arranged by different colors to help you identify the world atlas. To learn more about our Illustrated World Maps



World Book Printed English Dictionary


This print English dictionary, from the editors of The World Book Encyclopedia, combines all the features of a traditional dictionary with the readability of World Book. The result is an ideal dictionary set that can be used for a lifetime. It has over 225,000 entries and more than 3,000 illustrations. Each word has contextual examples to clarify and reinforce meanings. It also includes a 124-page guide to communications offers punctuation and spelling tips. This is a great reference tool for all education levels. Browse our reference section to find a student dictionary for the younger set.


Product Review:

" This dictionary is highly recommended... It is especially helpful for high school and college students in theirs preparation for writing research papers and book reports. "

-- American Reference Books Annual 2011


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