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Social Studies Power


Social Studies Power is a unique digital learning environment with more than 100 lessons dealing with history, government, communities, culture, economics, geography, native peoples, and more. The site offers richly varied lessons with instructive multimedia, literacy features, geography basics, and useful assessment tools.


Diverse features combine to provide a well-rounded learning experience for students and an effective instructional tool for educators. The lessons are presented in differentiated versions to meet the varying reading and learning capabilities of upper-elementary students. Read-aloud narration models reading fluency to promote literacy skills. Vocabulary lists and pop-up definitions reinforce the learning of new terms. Animated maps, colorful artwork, video clips, geography games, and interactive quizzes keep students alert and engaged in the content. Critical thinking questions, extension activities, and inquiry projects encourage students to go beyond the lesson text and take an active role in their learning.


Social Studies Power allows students to tour the world’s continents, studying the land, people, and history of various parts of the world. At the same time, links to local resources support social studies learning at the community level. Social Studies Power is more than a curriculum resource—it is an exciting, multi-faceted learning experience for students and educators alike.


Learn more about World Book's Social Studies Power on the World Book Web Training Site.


World Book has a great collection of learning websites available for students.


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Scope and Sequence

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Key Features

  • On-level and below-level lesson texts reflect The Lexile Framework® for Reading
  • Read-aloud narration of each lesson helps increase reading fluency
  • Pop-up gloassary definitions of vocabulary terms increase content mastery
  • An interactive Main Idea Check on each lesson page reinforces student comprehension
  • Audio podcasts of each lesson help students learn or review on the go
  • Critical thinking questions prompt students to apply lesson knowledge in new ways to build problem-solving skills
  • Trackable test monitor student comprehension
  • Interactive quizzes assess student content and vocabulary mastery in a fun yet purposeful way
  • Extension activities develop literacy skills and challenge students beyond the lesson's scope
  • Correlations to state and provincial standards, common core standards, and popular social studies textbooks ensure content alignment
  • Links explore further related content on the World Book Web and in editor-selected websites
  • Printable student study guides and eacher's guides allow quick, easy review

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