Typical Course of Study Curriculum Guide for Grade 7


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Social Studies

* Lands and peoples of the Eastern Hemisphere
* Prehistoric peoples
* Greek, Roman, and Middle Eastern civilizations
* The Middle Ages
* Renaissance and Reformation
* Scientific Revolution
* Age of Reason (Enlightenment)
* Industrial Age
* Yesterday and today around the world: Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Australia, and the Pacific
* World trade and resources
* Contemporary problems and issues
* Environment
* World geography
* Advanced map and globe skills



* Scientific classification
* The cell
* Heredity and genetics
* Effects of weather and climate
* Properties and uses of water
* Atmosphere
* Air pressure
* Rocks, soil, and minerals
* Ecology and environment
* Conservation
* Heat and temperature
* Laws of motion
* Energy
* Scientific method
* Laboratory techniques and safety


Language Arts

* Improving reading skills
* Literary terms
* Novels, short stories, plays
* Myths, legends, ballads
* Types of poetry
* Biography and autobiography
* Planning and producing dramatizations
* Speech activities
* Listening skills
* Refining dictionary skills
* Spelling
* Parts of speech
* Person, number, gender of nouns and pronouns
* Punctuation of conversation
* Clauses and phrases
* Compound sentences
* Writing descriptions, reports, journals, and letters
* Note taking and outlining
* Extending reference skills: atlases, directories, encyclopedias, periodicals, on-line information services, CD-ROMs, and other electronic reference material
* Library organization

Health and Safety

* Good grooming and posture
* Dental health
* Healthy habits and lifestyles
* Exercise and fitness
* Effects of stimulants and narcotics
* Functions of the body
* Circulation and respiration
* Germ theory
* Sexually transmitted diseases
* Family life
* Toxins and antitoxins
* Antibiotics
* Immunization
* Chemotherapy
* Genetic disorders
* Personal and public safety
* Accident prevention
* Personality development
* Substance abuse



* Prime and composite numbers
* Square root
* Order of operations
* Absolute value
* Inequalities
* Numeration
* Properties of nonnegative integers
* Rational numbers and fractions
* Ratio, proportion, percent
* Finite, infinite, and empty sets
* Basic geometry concepts and terms
* Development and use of formulas
* Perimeter, circumference, area
* Metric and customary measurement
* Reading and constructing graphs
* Measures of central tendency: mean, mode, median, range
* Elementary business mathematics
* Use of calculators and computers














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